Customer Service Outsourcing


Companies are outsourcing customer service processes to focus on core business competencies and operations. In addition, cost reduction, declining in-house capabilities, and increased demand for customer support channels are driving outsourcing of customer service.

The WebWings BPO Customer Service Outsourcing practice provides a consistent customer experience across all channels of customer support through customized solutions, right sourcing and continuous training. We leverage our Global Delivery Model and state-of-the-art technology to reduce the overall cost of operations. Our impetus on hiring, training and quality ensures that we incorporate customer service into processes.

Overview of Customer Service Outsourcing Offerings

  • Returns Authorization
  • Claims Management
  • e-commerce Support
  • Product Authorization and Renewals
  • Technical henpdesk Support
  • Enterprise Resiliency Helpdesk
  • Retail Banking Enquiry Support
  • Mortgage banking Enquiry Support
  • Collections and Portfolio Management
  • Segmentation:Home,Equity and Auto Loans
Retail / Media
  • Online Account Setup and Activation
  • We Hosting Authorization Services
  • Local listing Up-Selling
  • Application Management - Technical helpdesk
CSP / Telecom
  • Broadband technical Support
  • Billing and Fulfillment
  • Order Provisioning and Assurance
  • Cable Protection Management
Social Media
  • Presence management
  • Response management
  • Social reporting / analytics
  • Community management
  • Advocate management