Technology can play a major role in education in bringing ‘never-before-possible’ future for students, educators, and management alike – pervasive classrooms, faster learning, and most importantly, the ability to track performance and results across the system. However, institutions today are preparing to face their toughest tests yet – regulation and disruption. The answers to these problems are – a new school of thought, best-in-class technology, and the right strategy.

Our Solutions for Educational Institutions

Cloud based IT Solution

We provide a cloud enabled packaged IT solution for educational enterprises which brings students, teachers and teams together. It enables students, teachers or management staff to get stuff done faster thereby achieving Happier students and staff.

IT Infrastructure Management

We manage the whole IT needs of an educational enterprise. We provide consulting on the best available IT infrastructure suited based on the requirements of the institutions. We set it up and wholly manage the resources for our clients.

Websites & Event Branding Management

We develop and maintain websites, web portals for our clients in education and also be a strategic partner when it comes to organising a mega cultural or technical events for our clients. We participate from end to end fulfilling all the technical needs of our clients in these type of events.

Live Streaming through VivahaLive™

We provide live streaming services to educational institutions through our trademarked product VivahaLive™. Live streaming services helps to connect students and teachers across various geographical locations. It eliminates the pain the teachers or the students take in travelling across cities to attend seminars or coaching classes.

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