The moment we speak about aviation industry from a business perspective two things comes the mind. Risk & Customer Satisfaction. Aviation industry has long been struggling in many parts of the world to be profitable. The risk associated with financing airline companies is much higher than financing a business from any other industry. Analysing all the issues associated with the industry we have offered our technology expertise to our clients in this industry to mitigate risk and run a successful business.

Our Clients

What value we have delivered to our clients

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) is a leading global player in commercial aircraft leasing and financing, with over 1,670 owned and managed aircraft and over 230 customers in over 75 countries. As a leading aircraft financing company the term RISK is inseparable from GECAS.

With our expertise in technology & Risk Analytics we provide solutions which can help the client to mitigate risks and increase their business outcomes. The risk managers all around the world use applications developed with our expertise to manage the risk associated in financing their potential clients.

What we have offered:

  • A robust IT infrastructure to manage their day to day business being at ease.
  • Powerful applications which will be in due diligence of the clients and valuations of their assets.
  • Analytical systems which reports the risks factor calculated based on few business parameters.