Fraud Awareness

It has come to our attention that certain fraudsters are operating under the pretext of securing jobs for unsuspecting job seekers for a payment or for acquiring personal information. Please do be vigilant when looking for a job at WebWings! Be rest assured that we do not condone or promote these immoral acts and that it goes entirely against the Company’s strict adherence to its core values and business principles.

If you do get a job offer by e-mail, please ensure the following checks on the sender:

  • Are they registered with an authorized agency or company?
  • Are job details, contact address and phone numbers authentic?
  • Do feel that the request for personal information is suspect?
  • Is a fee being requested to progress your application?

If you feel uncomfortable about or suspect the authenticity of a job offer, please contact:

We would like reiterate that that job offers from WebWings are purely based on academic merit and performance in the interviews. We DO NOT charge fees for recruiting candidates.

The selected candidate will receive an e-mail confirmation from WebWings with the offer of appointment. A person in-charge of the on-boarding will directly get in touch with the successful candidates over phone or email and will take it forward. We DO NOT have any intermediary third party agencies.